When to Choose Acoustic Glass for Your Windows Installation

At Centric Home Improvements, we offer a wide choice of acoustic glazing solutions.

We no longer recommend single glazing, but while standard double glazing will be more sound-proof than single glazing, it is not always an ideal solution if your home is located close to an airport, motorway or in a busy inner-city location. 

Triple Glazing Cardiff South Wales

In these situations, we urge our customers to consider either triple glazing, which provides a higher noise barrier than standard double glazing or for the noisiest environments, we recommend choosing high-performance acoustic glazing for windows and conservatories.

What is my noise level?

You may be surprised to learn that a busy residential street can create noise up to 70dB – above this level can result in hearing damage.  However, a third floor flat next to an arterial road will be regularly exposed to 87dB, a diesel train at 100ft can deliver 80dB and an aircraft on the runway a deafening 120dB, which can cause pain and ringing in the ears. 

While a sound engineer will be able to give you an idea of exactly how bad your noise problems are, in most cases acoustic glass will resolve the issue, reduce the noise impact and make your life more comfortable as well as protecting your ears.

Office windows in factories

Acoustic glazing is also recommended for industrial installations, where loud, noisy equipment is possibly being used on the shop floor – but the office is only separated by a window. 

Your shop floor workers can wear ear protection, but it would be inappropriate to ask your office staff to do the same, and therefore the window will need to act as a sound barrier.

This can be effectively achieved by choosing acoustic glass for any glass panels between the office and shop floor.

Acoustic glazing features panes made from laminated glass, although these panes are much thicker than normal glass, sometimes up to 6.6mm thick.   Acoustic glass works by reflecting the noise back to the source, whilst also absorbing the noise energy within the glass. 

While the reduced noise is the overwhelming reason for choosing acoustic glass, it isn’t the only benefit.

Thicker glass also means that windows are stronger and more resilient – and we are even able to provide self-cleaning glass.

How much does it cost?

While acoustic glazing is more expensive than standard glazing, it costs less than you would expect.   Contrasting that with hearing damage, your auditory nerve and cilia cannot be repaired – so in most cases, it is a ‘sound’ investment.  If you think your home would benefit from triple or acoustic glazing please, ask for a no-obligation quote.

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