Join the 1000’s of homeowners who have already transformed their conservatory using a SupaLite Roof.

Whether it’s accommodating guests for the weekend, being more sociable by having a larger dining area, having a dedicated hobby room, reserving a quiet corner for a spot of yoga or creating a home gym, an extra room would be a welcome addition at any time!

SupaLite Tiled Warm Roof

Finance available to help spread the cost of your roof replacement

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Traditional Consevatories

Conservatories installed in the last century are renowned for being thermally inefficient – they are stuffy in Summer and cold in Winter. They are also very noisy and may have glazed or poly carbonate roofs that mist or get dirty easily. If you’ve got an old conservatory, you are probably one of thousands of households who are fed up with their living space going to waste.

Luckily, a Supalite roof replacement can turn your conservatory into a living space that can be enjoyed all year round. It involves installing brand new lightweight tiles, insulation layers and a ‘breathable’ membrane to optimise thermal efficiency.

This means that heat is retained in the Winter, but the space can remain cool in the Summer. Installing a Supalite roof effectively creates a new extension for your home, enabling you to maximize your living space throughout the year, whether choosing to relax, entertain in it, or simply admire it!

SupaLite Warm Tiled Roof

  • Suited to any existing conservatory that needs updating
  • Quick to install to existing window frames- meaning as little disruption to your home as possible
  • Life expectancy of at least 60 years for the roof tiles
  • Choice of tile and slate colours, making it easy to match the style of your home
  • Meet building regulations and exceeds energy requirements for home improvements
  • Reliable tradesmen who have been delivery high-quality products and service for 15 years
  • Suited to different styles of property
  • Increased energy efficiency – decreased energy expenditure
  • Range of colour and finish options
  • Choice of additional hardware – added decoration or security
  • Quick to install & easy to maintain

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