Easy Clean Eco Glass

About Easy Clean Glass

Glass is a sensitive material that reacts with its environment. Dirt can quickly build up on your windows. Over time, unprotected glass suffers permanent bonding of these residues causing staining and physical damage. Often washing does not mean cleaning. This is why windows, over time, may look dull, and it becomes very difficult, if not impossible to bring back the shine, no matter how hard you try. At Centric we can offer an Easy Clean glass solution ‘Ritec’ Glass is affordable and helps your windows retain their shine longer!

With a ‘Ritec’ coating your glass is then left smooth, the microscopic pores are sealed so there will be no repeat build-up of dirt and pollution. Your windows will have an easy clean surface that will cut down the need to clean by half!

It also comes with a 10 year guarantee on vertical glazing for total peace of mind.  ClearShield chemically bonds with the glass, becoming part of it, not just a coating!

It can be applied to windows, shower screens, balustrade, glass tiles, splashbacks, mirrors and conservatory roofs.

Benefits of Easy Clean

Non-reactive after curing, working like “non-stick” cookware – always much easier to clean and keep clean

Resists attack by Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt (‘MAD’), the main enemies of glass, maintaining the original visibility, clarity and cleanability

Resistant to all types of dirt, organic (e.g. motor vehicle exhaust or traffic film, bird droppings, tree sap) and inorganic (e.g. hard water deposits, building run-off, metal oxides) – suitable for all types of glass, exterior and interior

Reduces energy requirements for routine glass washing by 50% on average – for lower emissions and carbon footprints as well as savings in time, effort and money

Maintains original light transmission and day-lighting – for improved productivity and well-being of building occupants

Resistant to adhesion and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi – for applications where hygiene is paramount

Not classified as flammable or toxic – for safe and easy application in factory or on-site;

Over extended periods of time under actual field conditions for all types of glass (new or old, exterior or interior) in all types of locations (urban, countryside, seaside) and in all types of environmental conditions (hot, cold, dry, humid, windy, sandy)

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