Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

Smart homeowners throughout South Wales always want the highest specification windows (and doors) at the best price. For some, however, the reason for new windows could be to ensure the most energy-efficient home possible or to reduce the noise of passing traffic on a busy road. This is where a decision needs to be made on installing double or triple glazing. In this article, we look at the features of both double glazing and triple glazing.

Make the choice that suits you

Both Double Glazing and Triple glazing options host a number of unique benefits. Cost needs to be factored in as a Triple glazed option will cost more than its double glazed counterpart.

If your looking to replace your windows you may have already been advised of the options of double glazing and triple glazing available. You may have already been told of the benefits of each but are still unsure of which choice is best for your home and you. Here we cover a number of points and tips regarding this choice which we hope will help you make an informed decision on whether to go with double or triple glazed.

Read on for a list of benefits to both options that may help you get closer to the deciding factor of which is right for you.

Let’s look at the facts

Thermal Performance

A Windows thermal performance is measured by its U-Value. The U-Value is the indicator that measures how much heat escapes from a home. The better U-Value is a lower number so the lower the U-Value the more heat is retained in your home.

With the extra panel of glass provided by triple glazed units, your new window unit will have a lower U-Value. Typically a new double glazed window unit will have a U-Value of approximately 1.6. A triple glazed unit will typically have a U-Value of about 0.9 thus retaining more heat and making your home more comfortable with less spent on energy

Sound Insulation

To understand if your triple glazing windows are sound-reducing you need to look at the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating which is measured in decibels (db). A windows STC rating indicates how much sound waves are reduced. A high STC rating indicates a high reduction in sound transmission.

Laminate glass is often used to support sound reduction as you gain an extra layer to the windows which also absorbs sound.

It is important to also ensure that your windows are installed correctly as failure to do so can result in a reduction to the STC level of your new Double or Triple glazed windows.

Light Penetration

Triple glazed windows are made up of more glass panes, therefore they actually let in less light than double glazed windows. This means your home’s interior may feel a bit dimmer, so if you are looking to maximize your light into your home this needs to be a consideration.


With an extra pane of glass that comes with triple glazing, this makes your windows tougher and more difficult to break in as there is more to contend with. Triple glazing will provide that extra peace of mind over the safety of your home.


Double Glazed

  • More Affordable
  • Let in more light than triple glazing as there is less glass
  • Faster return on investment than Triple glazing
  • Not as thermally efficient as triple glazed units

Triple Glazed

  • More Energy Efficient
  • Save on energy bills longer term
  • Home is more secure due to thicker glass units
  • Reduces the likelihood of condensation
  • Heavier than double glazed could potentially cause damage to wall
  • Won’t be as effective if your house is older and poorly insulated
  • Triple glazing is more costly, up to a third more than double glazing

Triple glazing is becoming more popular in Cardiff and throughout South Wales, as more customers are choosing to take advantage of the benefits it brings in terms of sound reduction and energy savings. Triple glazing clearly has many benefits over double glazing however it is a decision that needs to be based on costs versus gained benefits. At Centric Home Improvements, we can help you make the right decision for your particular requirements.

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