Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash

What are Sliding sash Windows?

Sliding Sash Windows otherwise known as Box sash or vertical sliding windows have been around since the 1670’s. Generally found in Georgian or Victorian houses this style of window was originally manufactured from Wood Profile.  Today’s modern counterpart Sash windows are also fabricated in uPVC.  Not only does this allow for a longer lasting low maintenance windows but also provides a stunning result for traditional windows.

Why choose sliding sash windows?


Todays Sash windows can be customised more than ever. Adding georgian bar, coloured furniture or even chrome or gold boarder bar you sash window can look a dream in your home


Sliding sash windows are excellent for a fire escape solution and comply with building regulations without compromising the look and feel of your home also by adding child restrictors you can rest assured they are safe for any room

Energy Efficient

With up to a quarter of a homes heat loss being through the windows it makes sense to go with our A-Rated as standard option for your windows

Traditional Style

Modern sliding sash windows truly make a difference to the look of your home and will bring your home to life with traditional features


With a whole array of colour choices such as Chartwell green, cream, anthracite grey or Oak the list goes on. In addition many colours are available in a woodgrain effect

Air Flow

Sliding Sash windows will help to funnel a cool breeze directly in to your home with a double tilting funtion making you feel more comfortable during the summer months

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