Colour Options


uPVC Profile Colour Options explained

At Centric Home Improvements we offer a wide range of colour options to choose from.  In addition the diverse range of coloured foil finishes are designed to achieve a long-lasting, maintenance free and cost-effective option.

Colour options can be the perfect partner when you are looking to blend into existing framework, street scenes or wishing to create a contrast on a rendered building. 

Also dual colour tone options are available for when your design demands a coloured exterior, whilst maintaining a bright white interior.

An extended range of authentic wood-effects are also available. The white wood-effect has a subtle, matt finish, perfectly mimicking wood.  Other colours in our palette include five shades of grey and deep Black Brown. 

In addiotion our customers can choose from two new, exclusive shades: the ‘on-trend’ Cream – proving very popular on new and renovated properties and the subtle Chartwell Green.

Our suppliers at Centric also ensure that all the foil products are approved to RAL-GZ716/1 part 7.   

Ultimately, if the colour you are looking for is not promoted we can look at ordering bespoke colours.

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