CERTASS Accredited Installers

Certass registered Installer

Centric Home Improvements and CERTASS

At Centric we believe in ticking all the boxes to ensure that you feel confident that not only our company is legitimate and secured but also our installers are of the highest quality.  Centric Home Improvements ltd are registered with CERTASS and we provide every customer with a legitimate certificate of installation directly from CERTASS once each project is agreed.

Whether homeowners are simply upgrading older windows to improve energy efficiency and aesthetics of your home, or upgrading to add value before putting the property on the marketing to sell or rent in the future; its important that homeowners are aware of what is required. 
Home buyers and estate agents often ask for evidence of certifications where windows and doors have been upgraded to ensure that these items have been installed by a reputable company and meet the regulatory requirements.  Take a moment to view the short video above for more information.

At Centric Home Improvements, we are so passionate about our work we always encourage our customers to fill out the CERTASS home owner survey which directly links results to our governing body, please feel free to take the 7 question survey using our membership number above and offer your feedback.

All companies registered with CERTASS are certified installers and are checked regularly via inspections and on-site audits from the CERTASS professionals.  Our paperwork is also audited to ensure our business continues to meet the requirements of the Government endorsed standards.

As a member we have access to a list of industry experts for clarification on the latest technical building regulations and are able to ensure we adhere to all the latest standards.

  • Protection of any deposit taken
  • A guarantee covering the completed installation
  • An insurance policy to cover this guarantee should the contractor cease trading
  • Suitably qualified and assessed site operatives